Experience the Horse/Horse Games

top20eventslogo_mediumFestival of the Horse was Awarded Top 20 Events by Southeast Tourism Society!

Experience The Horse/Horse Games
at Brooking Park located in Georgetown, Kentucky
On Saturday ~ October 3, 2015


President: Marie Tomacelli

Vice-President: Jessi Wilbers

Co-Vice President: Anya Hensley-Newton

Free Admission ~ Free Parking
Registration begins at 9 a.m./Games will start at 10 a.m.

Bring Your Horse/All Breeds Welcome
Current Negative Coggins and Health papers required.

Games are only $5 each to play and they may or may not  include:

~Gaucho Gauntlet~Donut Race~Team Tacking Race~
~Rat Round Up (Kids 10 and under ONLY!)~
~Pony Express Race~Kiddie Express~Molasses Match Race~H20-No Race!~         ~Musical Feed Bag Race~Granny Panty Race~

Optional Games:
~Brent Says~Horse Soccer~

Awards for 1st and 2nd Place

2015 Experience The Horse/Horse Games Flyer
2015 Experience The Horse/Horse Games Class Descriptions and Rules

Purchase Raffle Tickets @ $1 Each/$5 for 6

For a Chance to Win CASH50% of the Drawing

The other 50% will go towards making a difference in a wonderful young lady’s story of Survival!

(50% Cash Award goes to the Winning Raffle Ticket and the remaining 50% Cash goes to Krystina Lawson Gilbert’s Cancer Funds)

Since 2011, Krystina has been battling Brain Cancer, Grade 2 Oligodendroglia. On March 17th, 2015 she went in for brain surgery and has been working her way through radiation and chemotherapy. Throughout all of this she has remained an inspiration, not only to people with brain cancer, but to everyone.

         To make donations for Krystina, please go to:           http://www.gofundme.com/krystinasbrain


*IMPORTANT Guidelines/Information –  Lead Line                              

Lead Line: This is for any Participant/Rider that is unable to ride a Horse safely on their own – without additional assistance. An adult will lead the Horse, while the participant sits on the Horse, holding the reins. Actual control of the Horse will be done by the handler on the ground. Rider must be directly assisted one-on one by a Parent, Guardian or Adult Volunteer who is on the ground holding the animal’s halter and/or lead to maximize safety.  Assistance must be provided by adults on foot, rather than mounted on other Horses.   Leading Riders: Riders that are led by an adult using a Lead Line in any Game will receive a participant ribbon, but will not be placed above riders that are not led. In the interest of safety for all Riders/Participants and their Horses, riders being led cannot enter/sign-up/participate in Games in which there are other Horses being ridden in the arena at the same time, such as: Donut Race, Pony Express Race, Musical Feed Bag Race, etc. – to name a few.


Raffle Winner 2014

Saddle Ian Cummimgs 

Raffle Winner - Ian Cummimgs

Raffle Winner – Ian Cummimgs

Horse Game Winners

Gaucho Gauntlet

1st Place; Briana Randall

2nd Place; Tami Anderson

Donut Race

1st Place; Tami Anderson

2nd Place; Place: Natasha Raina (?)

Team Tacking

1st Place; Jessica Miller and Briana Randall

2nd Place; Tami Anderson and Kristen Anderson

Rat Race

1st Place; Bel Hampton

2nd Place; Izabelah Davidson

3rd Place; Lauren Moore

#All children that participated were given prizes!

Pony Express

1st Place; Briana Randall

2nd Place; Jessica Miller

Pony Express/2nd Round

1st Place; Becky Hastings-Jones

2nd Place; Fiona Andrews

Molasses Match

1st Place; Marie Tomacelli

2nd Place; Jessi Wilbers

Molasses Match/2nd Round

1st Place; Becky Hastings-Jones

2nd Place; Fiona Andrews

H2O – No!

1st Place; Laura Harbour

2nd Place; Becky Hastings-Jones

H2O – No!/2nd Round

1st Place; Fiona Andrews

2nd Place; Dominique Webb

Musical Feed Bags

1st Place; Tami Anderson

2nd Place; Dominique Webb

horsegames_1 horsegames3 horsegames2


Festival of the Horse @ http://www.festivalofthehorse.org/
Kentucky Horse Council / Kentucky Horse Park
Stonestreet Farms /Rood and Riddle Equine Hospital
Purina / Floozie Flops, Midway KY
Outback Steakhouse, 1957 Bryant Rd. Lexington, KY
Outback Steakhouse, 4001 Nicholasville Rd. Lexington, KY
Heirlooms & Gretchens/ Anniemals
Camp Campbell Gard, Hamilton, Ohio
Old Friends
Holly Williamson’s Natural Horsemanship
Whispering Woods Riding Stables
Fashion Filly, Equestrian Fashions & Gifts Boutique
Antique Mall of Georgetown
Fava’s Restaurant / Applebee’s
Cracker Barrel / Walmart
O’Charley’s / Galvin’s
Ruby Tuesday’s / Tammy’s T-Shirts
Bruster’s Real Ice Cream / Tractor Supply


Brent Comer (Announcer/Judge), Jessi Wilbers, Anya Hensley-Newton, Robin Smith-Comer, Dominique Webb, Stephen Johnson, Fiona Andrews, Tami Anderson and Company, Wendi & Lauren Moore, John and Sara Reynolds, Whitney Murphy, Brittany Corbett, Melissa Neal and Family, Izabelah Davidson, Ali Davidson, Jason Cline, Yoshimi Andrews and many others…

We ask your forgiveness if we failed to name you, but please know that all your hard work was greatly appreciated – Thank you all so very much!