The Festival of the Horse is GREEN!


These days green is more than just a color, it is a way of life. The City of Georgetown’s Public Works Dept., Georgetown/Scott County Recycling Center, and the Storm Water Quality Division are attempting to educate vendors and visitors about the important decision to “go green” at the 2011 Festival of the Horse.  The challenge for all the Departments involved was to look at the huge imprint the Festival leaves behind each year and how best to reduce the total waste going to the landfill and into our local water source.  At first it seemed like a daunting task.  How can 20,000-25,000 festival goers, crafters, vendors, carnival rides and game operators, plus a host of musicians, and volunteers enjoy a three day event in downtown Georgetown without leaving a huge environmental imprint?  All of the departments involved felt the key was to set realistic goals and adopt a phased approach over the next few years.  The first phase and new to the 2016 Festival was implementing conveniently located waste/recycling centers throughout the Festival grounds.  Georgetown has always prided itself on being a beautiful community and we feel confident everyone who comes down to the Festival will pitch in.  Most people feel good about doing the right thing and “going green” is the right thing for the Festival.  Vendors have already started making efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle.  We just hope to make it a little easier for them by collecting on site.   Public works will be picking up items such as cardboard, plastics, aluminum, and waste water.  All items collected during the Festival will be taken to the Recycle Center where it will be sorted by type and prepared to ship out to manufacturers who reuse waste water will be taken to GMWSS where it will be processed into clean water.

We encourage everyone to stop by the “Go Green” booth it will be located on the corner of Main and Broadway.  Volunteers working the booth will be able to help festival goers in understanding ways to recognize our limited resources and reduce our ecological footprints. The “Go Green” area will provide an educational component to the Festival. The goal is to not only teach how an impact can be made individually, but as a community as well.  For more information about the Georgetown/Scott County Recycling Center visit


The Festival of the Horse is brought to you by a subcommittee of the Georgetown/Scott County Tourism Commission.

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